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    Weekly Bits 09-06-14
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    1) Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was appointed as India’s representative on the board of governors of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on which day? Ans : (2) 1. 1st June 2014
    2. 1ndJune 2014
    3. 3rdJune 2014
    4. 4thJune 2014
    5. 5thJune 2014

    Explanation: Appointment to this institution takes retrospective effect from May 27. Presently, the Manila-based institution has 67 members. Of them, India is among the 31 founder members.
    The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is a regional development bank established on 22 August 1966 which is headquartered inMetro Manila, Philippines . The bank admits the members of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP, formerly known as the United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East) and non-regional developed countries. From 31 members at its establishment, ADB now has 67 members - of which 48 are from within Asia and the Pacific and 19 outside. ADB was modeled closely on the World Bank, and has a similar weighted voting system where votes are distributed in proportion with member's capital subscriptions

    2) Who among the following Cabinet Secretary , on 2nd June given a six-month extension in service, 12 days before he was scheduled to retire?Ans: (1)
    1. Ajit Seth 2. Amith Seth 3. Abhinav seth 4. Vikram rathode 5. Girish Seth

    Explanation: Cabinet Secretary Ajit Seth was on 2nd June given a six-month extension in service, 12 days before he was scheduled to retire, a move believed to be aimed at ensuring continuity. The extension of Seth, 62, was approved by the Cabinet’s appointments committee, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is a second extension for Seth, who had been given a one-year extension by the United Progressive Alliance government in June last year

    3) R K Malhotra, the senior-most director on the board of which company will take over as acting chairman of the country's biggest fuel refiner and retailer on 2nd June 3, 2014? Ans:(1)
    1. Indian oil Corporation 2. Power Grid 3. HCL 4. ONGC 5. RIL

    Indian Oil Corporation Limited, or IndianOil, is an Indian state-owned oil and gas corporation with its headquarters in New Delhi, India. It is the world's 83rd largest corporation, it founded in 1964.

    4) DC Jain has taken over as Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of which among the following Capital Market Services.? Ans: (3)
    1. Reliance Mutual fund 2. HDFC 3. IDBI 4. Ing Vysya 5. Bajaj alliance

    Explanation: DC Jain has taken over as Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of IDBI Capital Market Services. Jain has experience of over three-and-a-half decades in banking and financial services. He has been with IDBI Bank since 1997 successfully handling the entire gamut of banking operations — corporate banking, SME, audit, retail and Government business. Prior to this, he was with Union Bank of India heading large branches in Gujarat.

    5) Special Investigation Team (SIT), set up to unearth black money stashed abroad, has chalked out a roadmap to get the money back. This SIT was headed by ………..? Ans:(2)
    1. M B Khan 2. M B Shah 3. M B Malhotra 4. MB Rathode 5. M K Rajan

    Explanation: The Justice MB Shah-headed Special Investigation Team (SIT), set up to unearth black money stashed abroad, has chalked out a roadmap to get the money back. At its first meeting on 2nd June the high-level panel discussed in detail the modalities of proceeding further with the apex court mandate and a roadmap was decided. It, however, did not elaborate on the plan. Indications are that issues such as foreign travel, destinations and frequencies of a few notable cases of black money parked in foreign accounts were discussed. The SIT was asked to prepare a comprehensive action plan, including creation of the institutional structure that will enable the country to fight the battle against unaccounted money. It will submit a status report to the court periodically.
    According to the terms of reference for the SIT, the elite team will investigate all matters “with respect to unaccounted monies being stashed in foreign banks by Indians or other entities operating in India that may arise in the course of such investigations and proceedings.” The officers who form part of the SIT include Secretary of the Department of Revenue, an RBI Deputy Governor, Intelligence Bureau Director, Director of Enforcement Directorate, Director CBI, CBDT Chairman and Director-General of the Narcotics Control Bureau.
    The D-G, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit, Secretary Research and Analysis Wing and a Joint Secretary (Foreign Tax and Tax Research) in the Finance Ministry are its other members.The team will have jurisdiction in cases where investigations have begun, are pending or waiting to be initiated and those that have been completed.

    6) Which among the following has started enforcing its ban on import of Indian green chilli (green pepper), with the Customs Department preventing the arrival of a six-tonne consignment.Ans:(2)
    1. Afghanistan 2. Saudi arabia 3.Kazakhstan 4. China 5. Srilanka

    Explanation: The Saudi Agriculture Ministry has decided to ban import of green pepper from India on the grounds that the Indian product contains unacceptable levels of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The ban took effect from last week. Saudi Arabia, which is the fifth-largest importer of vegetables from India, has increasingly been concerned about the quality of food products it imports. The country had complained that Indian farmers use high doses of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to speed up growth and increase harvest. The Saudis had issued an advisory to the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), pointing out that high levels of pesticide residues were found in some green chilli consignments from India, and warned that imports will be banned if the contamination continues.

    7) Which Indo-French bilateral air exercise — Garuda-V — began at the Jodhpur Air Base on 2nd June. Ans:(3)
    1. 4th 2. 3rd 3. 5th 4. 6th 5. 7th

    Explanation: The fifth Indo-French bilateral air exercise — Garuda-V — began at the Jodhpur Air Base on 2nd June. It is aimed at enhancing operational cooperation and validating capabilities. The exercise will involve the assets of IAF’s main operational formations, including the Gandhinagar-based South Western Air Command and the Allahabad-based Central Air Command.
    Frontline fighter aircraft of the IAF, including the SU 30, Mig-27 (UPG), MIG- 21 Bison, and force multipliers such as the AWACS and Flight Refueller Aircraft IL 78 are participating while the French have fielded their frontline Rafale Fighter aircraft along with the KC 135 Refueller.
    The exercise, whose previous edition was held at Istres, France, in 2010 will end on June 13.

    8) The Supreme Court on 2nd June stayed the execution of Mumbai serial blasts main accused Yakub Memon. In which year Mumbai serial blasts took place? Ans:(4)
    1. 1990 2. 1991 3. 1992 4. 1993 5. 1995

    Explanation: The Supreme Court had tagged Yakub's petition-seeking a stay on his execution-with pending cases and referred it to a constitution bench, which will decide whether the review petition should be heard in an open court.In his petition to the Supreme Court, Yakub had stated that he had been in jail for more than 20 years, which is more than the jail term awarded for life imprisonment, which is 14 years.
    President Pranab Mukherjee had earlier rejected Yakub's mercy plea and conveyed his decision to the Maharashtra government. This decision was taken on the recommendations of the Maharashtra Government and the Home Ministry that the mercy petition of Yakub be rejected.
    Yakub was arrested from Kathmandu Airport in 1994. He was later described by the TADA court as the mastermind who played a key role in the conspiracy, thus "warranting death penalty". The multiple blasts had claimed 257 lives and left 713 injured.
    The Central Bureau of Investigation, which probed the blasts, alleged that the conspiracy was hatched by Dawood Ibrahim and other absconding persons, including Yakub's brother Tiger Memon, who is believed to be hiding in Pakistan.

    9) India has overtaken Germany and which other country to emerge as the world's second largest textile exporter? Ans:(3)
    1. Iran 2. Egypt 3. Italy 4.Russia 5. USA

    Explanation: India has overtaken Germany and Italy to emerge as the world's second largest textile exporter. But it lags China, whose exports are nearly seven times higher. Data released by the Apparel Export Promotion Council, the industry body for garment exporters, showed that India's textiles exports were estimated at $40 billion in 2013, compared with China's $274 billion. Textiles includes everything from fibre and yarn to fabric, made-ups and readymade garments made of cotton, silk, wool and synthetic yarn.
    Over 55% of the global trade relates to readymade garments, where India ranked sixth in 2013 with exports of $16 billion, which is around 40% of the country's textiles exports. India beat Turkey to move up a notch. For China the share of garments is estimated at close to 60%, indicating that the government needs to provide a bigger fillip to the readymade industry.
    Apart from China, Italy and Germany, smaller countries such as Bangladesh and Vietnam have overtaken India in recent years as major suppliers to retail chains in Europe and the US on the back of cheap labour and lower-duty access.
    The industry had expected part of the business from Bangladesh to shift to India after accidents in factories raised safety concerns. But it managed to log 18% growth in the garments segment in 2013, compared to global growth of 6%.
    Over the past few months the Indian garment industry has staged a recovery of sorts which can be seen in the 23% rise in exports of shirts, trousers, skirts and other readymades during 2013. Exporters said a change in focus to markets beyond the US and the EU has helped. In recent years, UAE, Oman, Brazil, Malaysia, Poland and the Russian Federation have seen a spurt in growth.

    10) Palestinian unity government was sworn in before president Mahmud Abbas on which day after a landmark reconciliation deal with the Islamist Hamas that has infuriated Israel.Ans:(1)
    1. 2nd June 2. 1st june 3. 3rd June 4. 4th June 5. 5th june

    Explanation: It is the first Palestinian unity government to take office in seven years, and the first fruits of a landmark reconciliation deal signed in April.
    The new cabinet, which was pieced together by Fatah and Hamas, counts 17 ministers, all of them political independents. Technocratic in nature, the new government will not have a political mandate. The government includes three women and five ministers who come from Gaza. Over the weekend, Israel blocked three of the Gazans from travelling to Ramallah for the oath-taking.
    Under terms of a deal inked on April 23, the Fatah-led Palestine Liberation Organisation agreed to work with Hamas to establish an interim government of independents that would organise long-delayed elections.

    11) Obama administration proposed a plan on 2nd June that aims to slash carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants of how much percent by 2030 and could accelerate the nation's shift away from coal.Ans:(3)
    1. 20% 2. 40% 3. 30% 4. 60% 5. 10%

    Explanation: The Environmental Protection Agency plan, which is President Obama's largest climate effort so far, could help the United States prod other countries like China to pledge similar emissions cuts as part of a new international treaty that's slate for negotiation next year in Paris.
    The 645-page plan, expected to trigger legal challenges, sets different reduction targets for each state and gives them flexibility in how to achieve them. Yet it aims for a 30% national reduction of heat-trapping CO² emissions, from 2005 levels, by 2030 -- an amount that the EPA says is equal to annual emissions from powering more than half of U.S. homes.

    12) Russia has lifted its embargo on arms supplies to which country.? Ans:(1)
    1. Pakistan 2. Afghanistan 3. Kazakhstan 4. UAE 5. Srilanka

    Explanation: Russia has lifted its embargo on arms supplies to Pakistan and is holding talks on supplying Islamabad with combat helicopters. Russia has long been the largest supplier of arms to India, which is the world’s top arms buyer.

    13) Virat Kohli won the ‘Cricketer of the Year’ honours at the which awards function on 2nd June? Ans:(2)
    1. Mahindra & Mahindra 2. CEAT 3. MRF 4. TATA 5. Jasper

    Explanation: Virat Kohli won the ‘Cricketer of the Year’ honours at the Ceat awards function on 2nd June, while R. Ashwin received the ‘Indian Player of the Year’ award. Former India wicketkeeper and a member of the 1983 World Cup-winning team, Syed Kirmani, was given the‘Lifetime Achievement’ award.
    Robin Uthappa received the ‘Domestic Cricketer of the Year’ prize for his exploits in the State’s Ranji Trophy triumph and the form he carried over into other formats like the IPL. The award winners: Cricketer of the Year: Virat Kohli (India); ODI Player of the Year:Shikhar Dhawan (India); T20 Player of the Year: Shakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh); Test Player of the Year: Mitchell Johnson (Australia); Popular Choice award: Glenn Maxwell (Australia);
    Young Player award: Vijay Zol (Maharashtra); Domestic Cricketer of the Year: Robin Uthappa (India); Special award for Indian Player of the Year: R Ashwin (India);Lifetime Achievement award: Syed Kirmani (India).

    14) K Chandrasekhar Rao took oath of office on which day as the first chief minister of Telangana? Ans:(2)
    1. 1st June 2. 2nd June 3. 3rd June 4. 8th June 5. 10th june

    Explanation: K Chandrasekhar Rao took oath of office on 2nd June as the first chief minister of Telangana, India's 29thstate, earlier on 2nd June, ESL Narasimhan was sworn in as Governor of both Telangana and the residuary Andhra Pradesh. The two states will share a Governor and Hyderabad as a common capital for 10 years. KCR took oath along with 11 ministers, The Telangana Rashtra Samithi had won 62 of the 119 seats in the newly formed Telangana Assembly.

    15) On 2nd June who among the following took over as the first Director-General of the residuary State of Andhra Pradesh? Ans:(2)
    1. J. Ramudu 2. K. Ramaiiah 3. V. Chandraiah 4. K. Krishnudu 5. S. Gopal

    Explanation: Indian Police Service officer of the 1981 batch, Jasti Venkata Ramudu, on 2nd June took over as the first Director-General of the residuary State of Andhra Pradesh, post the birth of Telangana.

    16) Minister Gopinath Munde, died of injuries in a road accident on 3rd June. He took oath as Minister for …………….?Ans:(3)
    1. Finance 2. Revenue 3. Rural development 4. Agriculture 5. Road and transport

    Explanation: Gopinath Pandurang Munde was an Indian politician from Maharashtra.
     He was a member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) for five terms during 1980-1985 and 1990-2009.
     He was also the leader of opposition in Maharashtra Legislative Assembly during 1992-1995.
     He had held the post of Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra in 1995-1999. Munde was elected to Lok Sabha in 2009 and 2014 from Beed constituency.

    17) Former army chief Field Marshal Abdel Fattah el-Sissi won which country’s presidential elections?Ans:(1)
    1. Egypt 2. Italy 3. Iran 4. Sudan 5. Norway

    Explanation: The Election Commission of Egypt says former army chief Field Marshal Abdel Fattah el-Sissi won Egypt's presidential elections by a landslide victory of 96.9 percent of the vote, with turnout 47.45 per cent. Anwar el-Assi, the commission's president, said el-Sissi received 23.78 million votes, while his sole rival, leftist politician Hamdeen Sabahi, got 3 per cent of the vote.

    18) India Slips to which spot on FDI Confidence Index? Ans:(1)
    1. 5th 2. 6th 3. 7th 4. 8th 5. 9th

    Explanation: India has slipped to its lowest position in over a decade in the foreign direct investment confidence index, which has been topped by the United States for the second year in a row, a study has showed.
    The survey of 300 global executives by global consulting firm A T Kearney found that the US was ranked top destination in the world for foreign direct investment. India was ranked second for three years in 2005, 2007 and 2012 and was placed on the third spot in 2010.
    India attracted USD 25.5 billion in FDI inflows in 2012, down from USD 31.6 billion in 2011, according to 2014 A T Kearney Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index released on 1st June. This is the lowest ranking for India since 2001. The US moved to the top position last year displacing China as Washington made progress towards sustainable and steady economic growth.

    19) India with which country held talks for the way to strengthen Bilateral ties on 3rd June 2014? Ans:(2)
    1. Srilanka 2. Oman 3. Afghanistan 4. Pakistan 5. Cuba

    Explanation: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj held talks with her Omani counterpart Yusuf Bin Alawi Bin Abdullah on 3rd June. The two Foreign Ministers took stock of various aspects of bilateral relations including political, economic, defence, security and people-to-people linkages and agreed to further strengthen them, official sources said. The prospect of enhancing project exports from India to Oman was also discussed. Oman is an important trading partner of India in the Gulf region with bilateral trade exceeding $5.70 billion in 2013-14. There are over 50 Indo-Oman joint ventures in Oman.

    20) India and which country are looking to enhance bilateral co-operation in the field of films, TV serials and new age media? Ans:(2)
    1.Japan 2. China 3. Cambodia 4. Russia 5. Cuba

    Explanation: India and China are looking to enhance bilateral co-operation in the field of films, TV serials and new age media. In this regard, a Chinese delegation led by Jiang Jianguo, Party Secretary and Vice-Minister for SAPPRFT (State Administration for Press, Publicity, Radio, and Film & TV), met Bimal Julka, Secretary, Information & Broadcasting, on Tuesday. Both the countries have decided to identify a roadmap for enhancing bilateral co-operation in these fields.

    21) Reserve Bank of India cuts SLR by 50 BPS to release how many crore rupees? Ans:(1)
    1. 40,000 cr 2. 50,000cr 3. 60,000cr 4. 70,000 cr 5. 20,000cr

    Explanation: RBI declared its monetary policy on 3rd June. Important points are………
     Short-term lending (Repo) rate unchanged at 8 per cent
     Cash reserve ratio (CRR) unchanged at 4 per cent
     SLR cut by 0.50 per cent to 22.5 per cent to unlock banking funds
     Expect economic growth for 2014-15 to be between 5-6 per cent
     Further policy tightening will not be warranted if inflation continues to decline
     Reiterates CPI inflation target of 8 per cent by January 2015, 6 per cent by 2016
     Decisive election results should help bring in gradual recovery of growth
     Farm sector outlook clouded by forecast of delay in monsoon
     Export credit refinance facility cut to 32 per cent from 50 per cent
     FPIs allowed in currency derivative market
     Indians as well as non-residents can carry up to Rs. 25,000 while leaving country
     This facility not valid for citizens of Pakistan and Bangladesh
     Next bi-monthly policy statement on August 5
     Hikes eligibility limit for forex remittances to $1,25,000, from $75,000 at present.
     RBI is aimed to achieve 8 per cent consumer price inflation (CPI) by January 2015 are balanced. It was recommended by Urjit Patel Committee
     The reduction in the statutory liquidity ratio (SLR) by 0.50 percentage points is an interesting move and seems to be to increase credit availability, especially for infrastructure lending RESTRICTIONS EASED
    Reserve Bank of India relaxed some of the foreign exchange related restrictions including the individual overseas remittance limit of $75000 per year which has been hiked to $125000. The central bank has also allowed foreign institutional investors to hedge their investments plus and additional $10 million using exchange traded currency derivatives. It has also promised to allow domestic entities the same flexibility. The overseas remittance limit comes under the liberalized remittance scheme (LRS) which was reduced to $75,000 last year when the rupee was in a free-fall against the dollar.

    22) Which IIT on 3rd June unveiled its second supercomputer, which ranks fifth in the country in terms of performance? Ans:(3)
    1. Ranchi 2. Pune 3. Kanpur 4. Delhi 5. Madras

    Explanation: The machine, assembled at IIT-Kanpur by a team headed by the institute's deputy director SC Srivastava, was unveiled by him along with Ashish Dutta, head of the computer centre. They said the supercomputer would be used for regular education, research and training purposes. The supercomputer has been ranked 130th in TOP500, an international list of the most powerful computer systems.
    India's supercomputer program was started in late 1980s because Cray supercomputers were denied for import due to an arms embargo imposed on India, as it was a dual use technology and could be used for developing nuclear weapons. PARAM 8000 is considered India's first supercomputer. It was indigenously built in 1990 by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing and was replicated and installed at ICAD Moscow in 1991 under Russian collaboration.

    23) Who among the following is set to be the next Solicitor-General of India?Ans:(3)
    1. Randhir Kumar 2. Rohit Kumar 3. Ranjith Kumar 4. Rakesh Kumar 5. Ravi Kumar

    Explanation: Supreme Court advocate Ranjit Kumar is set to be the next Solicitor-General of India. The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) is learnt to have cleared on 4th June the name of Kumar, who is considered an expert in Constitutional laws, service matters, taxation, local laws pertaining to rent control, sources said. The ACC also cleared the names of senior advocates Maninder Singh, L Nageshwar Rao, Tushar Mehta, P S Patwalia and Neeraj Kishen Kaul as Additional Solicitors General
    The Solicitor General of India is subordinate to the Attorney General for India, who is the Indian government's chief legal advisor, and its primary lawyer in the Supreme Court of India. The Solicitor General of India is appointed for the period of 3 years. The Solicitor General of India is the secondary law officer of the country, assists the Attorney General, and is himself assisted by several Additional Solicitors General of India. Like the Attorney General for India, the Solicitor General and the Additional Solicitors General advise the Government and appear on behalf of the Union of India in terms of the Law Officers (Terms and Conditions) Rules, 1972. However, unlike the post of Attorney General for India, which is a Constitutional post under Article 76 of the Constitution of India, the posts of the Solicitor General and the Additional Solicitors General are merely statutory.
    The Attorney General for India is the Indian government's chief legal advisor, and its primary lawyer in the Supreme Court of India. He is appointed by the President of India under Article 76(1) of the Constitution and holds office during the pleasure of the President. He must be a person qualified to be appointed as a Judge of the Supreme Court.
    The 14th and current Attorney General is Mukul Rohatgi .

    24) U.S. President Barack Obama has appointed a top Indian-American fundraiser …………as the member of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council? Ans:(1)
    1. Shefali Razdan Duggal 2. Shefath Ruzakk Dora 3. Denom Shah 4. Dinesh Shah 5. Ravi Malhotra

    Explanation: Ms. Razdan Duggal helped several millions for Mr. Obama’s campaign in the 2008 and 2012 presidential election campaigns.
    The United States Holocaust Memorial Council was established by Congress in 1980 to lead the nation in commemorating the Holocaust and to raise private funds for and build the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

    25) How many vessels were commissioned in Vishakapatnam on 4th June by the Eastern Naval Command to protect offshore installations and assets? Ans:(2)
    1. 2 2. 3 3. 4 4. 5 5. 6

    Explanation: Three vessels were commissioned in Vishakapatnam on 4th June by the Eastern Naval Command to protect offshore installations and assets. Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief of ENC Vice-Admiral Anil Chopra commissioned them. The three immediate support vessels, T-35, T-36 and T-37 are lightly armed surface craft capable of operating at high seas as well as in coastal waters. These craft have been designed and built by Abu Dhabi Ship Builders (ADSB) and Spain's Rodman Group.