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    With how many nations Reserve Bank of India has an agreement for cooperation? Ans : (3)
    1. 16 2. 17 3. 18 4. 19 5. 20

    Explanation: Reserve Bank of India has cooperation agreement with 18 Central Banks. Recently the Reserve Bank of India has signed cooperation agreement with central banks of Australia and New Zealand for exchange of information. The MoUs provide a formal, yet legally non-binding, channel for information exchange between the supervisors, the RBI said.

    Who among the following has got prestigious 'Orders of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star' an award by Japan? Ans : (2)
    1. Mukesh Ambani 2. E. Sreedharan 3. AshokKhemka 4. Kathiar Mukherjee 5. None

    Explanation: Delhi Metro's Principal Advisor and former Managing Director E Sreedharan, has been conferred with the prestigious 'Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star' award by the government of Japan. Sreedharan received the insignia and certificate from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at a ceremony held at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo on 6th November.

    Which of the following Organisation's establishment, was invalidated by Gauhati High court, in a recent Judgment? Ans : (5)
    1. Research and Analysis Wing 2. National Investigation Agency 3. Intelligence Bureau 4. Central Reserve Police 5. Central Bureau of Investigation

    Explanation: The Gauhati High Court has quashed the Union Home Ministry resolution by which the Central Bureau of Investigation was constituted way back in 1963. The court held that the CBI was neither an organ nor part of the Delhi Special Police Establishment and thus could not be treated as a "police force" constituted under the DSPE Act. How ever the Supreme court stayed this judgment.

    On 7th November, Airtel, the Indian cellular company has started its 3G services in which country? Ans : (2)
    1.Nepal 2. Bangladesh 3. Bhutan 4. Srilanka 5. China

    Explanation: Airtel Bangladesh, a unit of Sunil Mittal led Bharti Airtel, on 7th November said that it has launched 3G services in Bangladesh's Dhaka and Chittagong cities. Airtel has about 7.5% market share in Bangladesh in terms of subscribers

    Imomali Rakhmon reelected, as President of....? Ans : (1)
    1. Tajikistan 2. Croatia 3.Iraq 4. Khazikisthan 5. Uzbekistan

    Explanation: Tajikistan's President Emomali Rakhmon has won another seven-year term in offic. He secured 83.6% of the vote in 6th November elections. Turnout was nearly 87%. The president, who has been in power for two decades, faced five challengers

    The currency of Tajikistan is? Ans : (1)
    1. Somony 2. Dinar 3. Luna 4. Tajiland 5.None

    Explanation: Tajikistan is a mountainous landlocked country in Central Asia. It borders Afghanistan to the south, Uzbekistan to the west, Kyrgyzstan to the north, and China to the east. Pakistan is separated from Tajikistan by the narrow Wakhan Corridor, its capital is Dushanbe

    Bolsa Familia is a scheme, known as Direct Cash Transfer, in which country it is being implemented? Ans : (5)
    1. Argentina 2. Mexico 3. Cuba 4. Venezula 5. Brazil

    Explanation: Bolsa Família is a social welfare program of the Brazilian government. It has completed 10 years of successful implementation in November, 2013. It has lifted 50 million people out of poverty and inspired policies in more than 20 countries including India

    Who among the following is the new Managing Director and Chief Executive Director of Life Insurance Corporation Housing Finance? Ans : (2)
    1. Kalyani Agarwal 2. Sunita Sharma 3. Sujan Hines 4. V.R. Megha 5. None

    Explanation: Life Insurance Corp of India has appointed Sunita Sharma as the new managing director and chief executive director of its mortgage loan arm - LIC Housing Finance. Sharma, the first women CEO of the non-banking finance company, will succeed V K Sharma who was elevated to the post of managing director. Prior to this assignment, Sharma was executive director of investments at LIC looking after the areas of equity research and risk management

    Tarladalal, who passed away recently was a famous ....? Ans : (3)
    1. Writer 2. Journalist 3. Chef 4. Banker 5. None

    Explanation: Celebrated chef and cookbook authorTarla Dalal passed away on 6th November. The Padma Shri awardee was a household name for her vast selection of cookbooks devoted to vegetarian cuisine - both Indian and global.

    The Centre has extended Armed Forces Special Power Act, for how many months? Ans : (2)
    1. 3 months 2. 6 months 3. 9 months 4. 12 months
    5. 18 months

    Explanation: The Centre has extended the cover of controversial Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act in Assam and border areas of Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya for a period of six more months with effect from November 4. The decision has been taken by the Home Ministry after considering the security situation in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya

    The Armed Forces Special Powers Act, is covered entirely in which state? Ans : (4)
    1. Manipur 2. Maharashtra 3. Punjab 4. Asom 5. None

    Explanation: AFSPA will cover entire Assam, it will be applicable up to 20 km from the borders of Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya where insurgent groups are active. AFSPA has been in force in Assam since 1990 when ULFA was declared outlawed and Army crackdown was launched against the insurgent group. There have been continuous demands for repeal of AFSPA by various groups in Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, Manipur and other states

    With the help of which country, India has launched Agricultural Training Program in Africa? Ans : (1)
    1. USA 2. Germany 3. Japan 4. China 5. Russia

    Explanation: The US and India have launched the third India-US-Africa triangular agricultural training programme at the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE). A total of 180 African agricultural professionals will be trained over the next two years at MANAGE in Hyderabad and Chaudhury Charan Singh National Institute of Agricultural Marketing (NIAM) in Jaipur.

    In which year, National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management was established? Ans : (5)
    1. 1983 2. 1984 3. 1985 4. 1986 5. 1987

    Explanation: MANAGE was established in 1987, as the National Centre for Management of Agricultural Extension at Hyderabad, by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India as an autonomous institute, from which its acronym MANAGE is derived. Its status was elevated to that of a National Institute in 1992 and re-christened with its present name - the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management

    According to new guide lines of RBI which of the following is/are true? Ans : (5)
    1. The RBI said that Wholly owned Subsidiaries of foreign banks could acquire domestic Private-sector banks, as well as set up branches anywhere in the country 2. The Central bank has also allowed foreign bank subsidiaries to list on local stock exchanges 3. The foreig banks that commenced banking business in India before August 2010 will have the option of continuing with their banking business through the branch mode 4. Foreign Banks creating subsidiaries to be permitted to acquire local banks 5. All the above

    Explanation: Reserve Bank of India unveiled new guidelines to set up foreign banks in India, these guidelines were released on 6th November. The RBI said wholly owned Subsidiaries (WOSes) of foreign banks could acquire domestic private-sector banks, as well as set up branches anywhere in the country. These WOSes might be permitted to enter into merger & acquisition (M&A) transactions with any private bank in India, subject to the overall foreign investment limit of 74 per cent, the central bank said

    At present, how many foreign Banks are there in India? Ans : (3)
    1. 41 2. 42 3. 43 4. 44 5. 45

    Explanation: At present, there are 43 foreign Banks are being operated in India. They have 334 branches, mostly in cities. At present they are less than 0.5% of the Banking system's total branch network

    The amount approved by Union Government for fertiliser companies is? Ans : (2)
    1. Rs 5000 crore 2. Rs 5, 500 crore 3. Rs 6000 crore 4. Rs 6, 500 crore
    5. Rs 7000 crore

    Explanation: The Government has approved a Special Banking Arrangement (SBA) for fertiliser companies against the subsidy due for the current financial year. The arrangement will help fertiliser companies get Rs 5,500 crore from banks as loan. Interest will be charged at the rate of 10.5 per cent. The Government will bear 8 per cent interest, while remaining has to be paid by the company. This kind of arrangement was also made last year when Rs 5,000 crore bank loans were availed

    Which of the following is a Direct tax? Ans : (1)
    1. Minimum Alternative Tax 2. Value Added Tax 3. Sales Tax 4. Goods and Service Tax 5. None

    Explanation: Taxes, which cannot be transferable on others are known as Direct taxes. Amid slowing economy, the gross direct tax collection has risen only by 11.58 per cent to Rs 3.37 lakh crore during the April-October period of 2013-14 fiscal

    Who among the following is the Brand Ambassador of Star sports? Ans : (4)
    1. Virat Kohli 2.Shikhar Dhawan 3. Rohit Sharma 4. Mahendra Singh Dhoni 5. Sachin Tendulkar

    Explanation: STAR Network, the media and entertainment firm owned by Rupert Murdoch, on 6th November said it would invest more than Rs. 20,000 crore to expand its sports coverage in India and has roped in cricket captain M.S. Dhoni as brand ambassador for its STAR Sports channels

    At which of the following place, World Agricultural Forum was held? Ans : (1)
    1. Hyderabad 2. Rameshwaram 3. Chennai 4. Ahmedabad 5.None

    Explanation: The World Agricultural Forum Congress and Trade Fair 2013 was started on 5th November, in Hyderabad. The event was inaugurated by Union Minister of State for Agriculture Tariq Anwar, standing in for Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar. Former New Zealand Prime Minister and WAF advisory board chairman James Bolger called for accepting technology - including GM food - for meeting the growing demand, which was a challenge along with Climate Change.

    With which of the following nations, India had started Joint drill on 5th November? Ans : (5)
    1. Srilanka 2. Maldives 3. Nepal 4. Bangladesh 5. China

    Explanation: India and China on 5th November began a 10-day joint military drill on counterterrorism - the first such exercise between the neighbours in five years - in southwestern China, with around 300 soldiers from both countries taking part in exercises aimed at boosting trust between the militaries.

    Mangalyaan is India's new...? Ans : (3)
    1. A new scheme of Government of India for women 2. India's Mission to Venus 3. Indian Mission to Mars 4. A new Scheme of Cellular operators 5.None

    Explanation: Mangalyaan, India's maiden Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) was successfully launched on 5th November. The PSLVC25, carrying Mangalyaan, blasted off at 2.38 pm on 5th November from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SHAR), Sriharikota, along Andhra Pradesh's coast and 118 km from Chennai.

    In the HSBC expat for quality of life report, the rank of India? Ans : (2)
    1. 6 2. 7 3. 8 4. 9 5. 10

    Explanation: India is placed seventh out of 37 in a list of countries ranked in terms of expat quality of life, according to a a research commissioned by HSBC Expat. Thailand tops the list which is dominated by Asian countries with mainland China, Singapore and Taiwan are ranked 3rd, 6th, and 8th places respectively.

    In April-August period, Foreign Direct Investments in service sector declined by? Ans : (1)
    1. 47.5% 2. 48.5% 3. 49.5% 4. 50.5% 5. 51.5%

    Explanation: Foreign direct investment inflows into the services sector declined by 47.5 per cent to 1.19 billion during the April-August period. The services sector, which includes banking, insurance, outsourcing, R&D, courier and technology testing, had received FDI (foreign direct investment) worth $ 2.28 billion in the same period last year, according to the data of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP).

    Sushil Muhnot is the new Managing Director of which Bank? Ans : (3)
    1. Indian Bank 2. Indian Overseas Bank 3. Bank of Maharashtra 4. Bank of Baroda 5. Syndicate Bank

    Explanation: Bank of Maharashtra has a new Chairman and Managing Director in Sushil Muhnot. Prior to this appointment, Muhnot was Chairman of Small Industries Development Bank of India since April 2012

    According to Fortunes Magazine, who among the following is the most powerful business woman in India? Ans : (2)
    1. Nainalal Kidwai 2. Chandha Kocchar 3. Shikha Sharma 4. Kiran Majumdar 5. None

    Explanation: Chanda Kochhar, ICICI Bank MD and CEO has been named as the most powerful businesswoman in India for the third consecutive year by Fortune Magazine. Shikha Sharma of Axis Bank and Aruna Jayanthi of Capgemini India have taken the second and third place in the Fortune list of 50 most powerful businesswomen ranking for 2013.