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Explanation: About 300 Indian companies would be a part of the fair seeking; technology collaborations, business tie-ups and investment into India.
The event attracts nearly two lakh global leaders in business, technology, industrial scientists and policy makers.
India was also the partner country at the 2006 messe (fair).
With $21 billion bilateral trade, Germany is India’s sixth largest trading partner in the world.

12) BJP patriarch ........... has been appointed as the chairman of the Ethics Committee ofLok Sabha. ? Ans:(1)
1. L K Advani 2. Vajpayee 3. Sushma Swaraj 4. Sharad Pawar 5. Venkaiah Naidu

Explanation: He succeeds Manikrao Gavit of Congress to this office.

13) Which state becomes the first state to ratify the National Judicial AppointmentsCommission (NJAC) Bill? Ans:(1)
1. Rajasthan 2. Orissa 3. Assam 4. Nagaland 5. Tripura

Explanation: The bill, already cleared by both houses of Parliament, need consent from at least 15 states' legislature to come into effect.

14) Government presented the Vishwakarma Rashtriya Puraskar (VRP) together withNational Safety Awards (NSA) for year ............? Ans:(1)
1. 2012 2. 2013 3. 2011 4. 2010 5. 2014

Explanation: Both the awards were instituted in 1965 by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, with an aim to humanize industrial activities, enhance productivity and promote a culture of safety

15) According to Hurun India Rich List for 2014 , who is the richest Indian for the 3rd year running? Ans:(1)
1. Mukesh Ambani 2. Anil Ambani 3. Sunil Mittal 4. Anand Mahindra 5. None

Explanation: :- Sun Pharmaceuticals chief Dilip Shanghvi overtakes Laxmi Mittal at the 2nd spot. Azim Premji gets the 4th rank just behind the steel-baron LN Mittal who is 3rd.

16) Paying toll to get easier in the country; centre to roll out Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) program under the brand name? Ans:(1)
1. FASTag 2. MASTag 3. VASTag 4. NASTag 5. LOSTag

Explanation: ETC entails payment of highway tolls electronically without needing to stop the vehicle at the toll plazas. The unique number of the RFID Tag affixed on the wind shield of the vehicle will be read by the readers fitted in the dedicated "ETC" lanes of plazas and appropriate amount will be automatically deducted from the account of the user.

17) .......clinches Calcutta Football League Premier Division title for the 6th successive time. ? Ans:(1)
1. East Bengal 2. West Bengal 3. Tamilnadu 4. Kerala 5. Karnataka

Explanation: It overcame Tollygunge Agragami by 2-1 to come on top of the points table and lift its 36th title, a record, in this competition. Mohun Bagan finished second while Tollygunge Agragami wrapped up at 3rd spot.

18) Which country chooses to stay with United Kingdom; secessionists concede defeat with 45 percent votes as against 55 percent garnered by unionists? Ans:(1)
1. Scotland 2. Switzerland 3. Australia 4. Denmark 5. Russia

Explanation: :- At present, the country known as United Kingdom has four constituent units namely..

19) Tennis icon 'Li na' bids adieu to her career who belongs to...... country? Ans:(1)
1. China 2. Japan 3. Australia 4. India 5. Indonesia

Explanation: She was forced into this shocking decision due to the recurring knee injuries.
She, the first Grand Slam champion from Asia, is winner of women's singles titles at French Open 2011 and 2014 Australian Open.

20) 'Richard Rahul Verma' is nominated by that country president to be the next which country Ambassador to India. ? Ans:(1)
1. USA 2. USSR 3. UAE 4. Australia 5. South Korea

Explanation: e appointment, subject to final approval by the senate, will see the first Indian-American as ambassador to India.
He will replace Kathleen Stephens to this office.

21) McKinsey India Chairman 'Adil Zainulbhai' has been appointed as the Chairman ofQuality Council of India (QCI) for a .......... Term? Ans:(1)
1. 3 year 2. 4 year 3. 5 year 4. 6 year 5. 7 year

Explanation: He presently serves on the boards of Reliance Industries, the American India Foundation, Saifee Hospital, Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust, Network 18 and the advisory board of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

22) Kaushik Basu is going to be the second Indian after Amartya Sen to head (president) of..........? Ans:(1)
1. Indian Economic association 2. Indian civics association 3. Indian History association 4. Indian Geographical Association 5. None

Explanation: He is presently the Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist of the World Bank.
IEA is international federation of national economic associations which seeks to promote bonding among economists across the world through the organization of research programs, publications and scientific meetings.

23) Le Yucheng to take over as the new ........ ambassador to India? Ans:(1)
1. Chinese 2. Japanese 3. Indonesian 4. Australian 5. USA

Explanation: He succeeds He Wei Wei.

24) World observed "International Day for the preservation of the Ozone Layer 2014" on..? Ans:(1)
1. September 16 2. September 12 3. September 17 4. September 20 5. September 22

Explanation: It was declared as such by the UN General Assembly in 1994 to mark the day of signing of Montreal Protocol in 1987. The theme for 2014 is "Ozone Layer Protection: The Mission Goes On".

25) Edward Mawthoh does the country proud by scoring a bronze medal at the World Kickboxing Championships 2014 held in Italy. He belongs to which country? Ans:(2)
1. India 2. Australia 3. 'Japan 4. China 5. Srilanka

Explanation: He bagged the medal in the 48kg category of the Under-16 full contact sports.