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    Weekly Bits 24-11-14
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    1) Name the city,in which the Indian Cotton Conference 2014 has been inaugurated on 15thNov'14? Ans : (1)
    1. Gurgaon 2. Pune 3. Hyderabad 4. Secunderabad 5. Kochi

    The theme of this year's conference is "Adapt, Change and Innovate".

    2) The first phase of Modified Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG (DBTL) scheme has been launched on 15th Nov'14, In how many districts? Ans: (2)
    1. 34 2. 54 3. 67 4. 12 5. 23

    Explanation:54 Districts of 11 states. In the modified scheme, LPG consumers can get cash subsidy to buy the cooking fuel at market price.

    3.Which state has become the first state to see the roll out of Modified Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG (DBTL) Scheme in all its districts?Ans:(3)
    1. Karnataka 2. Goa 3. Kerala 4. Gujarath 5. Telengana

    Explanation: DBTL Scheme has been launched in all its 14 districts where the Aadhar penetration is 92%.

    4) How many states and union territories have achieved 100% banking inclusion under the under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)? Ans: (1)
    1. 3 states & 2 UT 2. 1 State & 4 UT 3. 5 States & 1 UT 4. 6 States & 3 UT 5. 1 State & 1 UT

    Explanation: Kerala, Goa, Chandigarh, Puducherry & Lakshwadeep.

    5) According to the decision made by Union Ministry of Human Resource Development, which language will be used as a third language in schools of Kendriya Vidyalaya (KVs) in place of German language?Ans:(2)

    1. Hindi 2. Sanskrit 3. Oriya 4. Telugu 5. Tamil

    Explanation:The decision to discontinue German was taken after the meeting of Board of Governors of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) on 27th Oct'14.

    6.The decision to discontinue German was taken after the meeting of Board of Governors of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) on 27th Oct'14.? Ans:(1)
    1. Ratan Tata 2. Anil Ambani 3. Mukesh Ambani 4. Sunil Mittal 5. Vijaya Malya

    Explanation: Ratan Tata, Chairman of TATA Sons. The board is headed by Prince Albert II of Monaco and former Lebanese Deputy Prime Minister Elias Murr.

    7) Identify the remote sensing satellite launched by the China from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre on 15th Nov'14? Ans:(1)
    1. Yaogan-23 2. Yogan-56 3. Yonan-67 4. Yuogan-23 5. None

    Explanation: Yaogan-23. It will be used mainly for scientific experiments, natural resource surveys, crop yield estimates and disaster relief.

    8) Who is the first male ever chosen as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia?Ans:(1)
    1. Farhan Akhtar 2. Saroj Khan 3. Sunitha Chandrabose 4. Sujana Chaudary 5. None

    Explanation: Farhan Akhtar, Bollywood Actor, Director & Producer.

    9) Mitchell Johnson was declared as the ICC Cricketer of the Year and ICC Test Cricketer of the Year on 15th Nov'14. He belongs to which country? Ans:(2)
    1. Australia 2. Kenya 3. India 4. South Africa 5. Srilanka

    Explanation: Mitchell Johnson, Australian Fast Bowler. He won this award for the second time.

    10) What is the Name of the player who won the women's single title of the China Open Super Series Premier in Fuzhou, China on 16th Nov'14?Ans:(1)
    1. Saina Nehwal 2. Akane Yamaguchi 3. Yokan Mudgache 4. Heena Sindhu 5. None

    Explanation: Saina Nehwal. She defeated Akane Yamaguchi of Japan.

    11) What is the Name of the player who won the men's single title of the China Open Super Series Premier in Fuzhou, China on 16th Nov'14? Ans:(2)
    1. K. Srinivas 2. K. Srikanth 3. A.Suresh 4. Nico Rosberg 5. Lin Dan

    Explanation: He defeated Lin Dan of China to register his maiden super series title.

    12) Who is the player who was crowned champion of 2014 ATP World Tour finals on 16thNov'14 after Roger Federer withdrew from the title clash due to a back injury? Ans:(1)
    1. Novak Djokovic 2. Roger Federer 3. Andri Agassi 4. Johnson Nicolas 5. None

    Explanation: Novak Djokovic, World No. 1 Player. This was Djokovic's fourth season ending title and he also became the first man to win three World Tour Finals titles on the trot since Ivan Lendl in the 1980s.

    13) Who is the women player who won the single title in the CCI-ITF Women's tennis tournament in Mumbai on 16th Nov'14? Ans:(1)
    1. Marina Melnikova 2. Tadeja Majeric 3. Tandolas Mysnicor 4. Maria Sharapova 5. None

    Explanation: Marina Melnikova, Russia. She defeated Tadeja Majeric of Slovakia.

    14) Indian Cricket team won 5 matches ODI series by 5-0 on 16th Nov'14, Against which team? Ans:(1s)
    1. Srilanka 2. Pakistan 3. Bangladesh 4. South Africa 5. West Indies

    Explanation: Mathews was adjudged man of the match, while Kohli was named man of the series.

    15) Among the following What is the new tagline of DD National Channel re-launched by Prasar Bharti on 17th Nov'14? Ans:(1)
    1. Desh Ka Apna Channel 2. Rashtriya Channel 3. Hindustano ka Channel 4. Desh Ka Channel 5. Apna Channel

    Explanation: "Desh ka Apna channel". The channel will be repackaged in new colors - purple and pink. From 17th Nov, a repackaged channel with fresh content will be beamed to viewers across the country.

    16) Which village was adopted by Rajya Sabha MP Sachin Tendulkar on 16th Nov'14 under the 'Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana' programme?Ans:(1)
    1. Puttamrajuvari Kandrika 2. Puttadi Bommavari Gramam 3. Rajolu Village 4. Ryali Village 5. Vellankivari Village

    Explanation: Puttamrajuvari Kandrika village is at Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh.

    17) What is the manufacturer of World's Largest GFRG (Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum) Panel "Gypwall" unveiled at the India International Trade Fair 2014? Ans:(1)

    Explanation: The panel is manufactured by FACT-RCF Building Products Limited - a joint venture of Fertilisers and Chemicals Travancore Limited (Kochi) and Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilisers Limited (PSU) under Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilisers ministry.

    18) Which developed country among the following , whose economy unexpectedly slipped into recession in the third quarter (July-Sep'14)?Ans:(1)
    1. Japan 2. China 3. USA 4. Britain 5. None

    Explanation: :- Japan had already observed a huge fall of 7.3% during the second quarter (April-June 2014) following a rise in the national sales tax.

    19) Among the following , Along which belt, China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) on 16th Nov'14 announced that it will promote travel by Chinese tourists to countries in 2015?Ans:(1)
    1. Silk Road Belt 2. Cotton Road Belt 3. Jute Road Belt 4. Crape Road Belt 5. Satin Road Belt

    Explanation: Silk Road belt. China proposed to promote the Silk Roads including ancient Silk Road that connects China to Europe through Central Asia. The proposal comprises of three corridors.

    20) Who is the renowned classical vocalist who has been conferred with Sumitra Charat Ram Award for Lifetime Achievement on 17th Nov'14?Ans:(1)
    1. Pandit Jasraj 2. Pandit Kaushik 3. Pandit Suhana 4. Pandit Jaswanth Singh 5. Pandit raman

    Explanation: Pandit Jasraj. The award is instituted in the name of noted Indian arts patron, impresario and the founder of Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra, Sumitra Charat Ram who played a key role in the revival of performing arts, especially Kathak in the post-independence era.

    21) When did the government re-launched Kisan Vikas Patra scheme in New Delhi to encourage the habit of small savings among citizens?Ans:(1)
    1. 18 Nov 2. 19 Nov. 3. 20 Nov 4. 21 Nov 5. 22 Nov

    Explanation: 18th Nov'14. Kisan Vikas Patra a certificate savings scheme was launched by the Government on 1st April, 1988.

    22) At which place Fourth India-China Joint Training Exercise Hand-in-Hand 2014 began on 17thNov'14?Ans:(1)
    1. Maharashtra 2. Madhya Pradesh 3. Goa 4. Telengana 5. Kerala

    Explanation: Pune, Maharashtra. Exercise Hand-in-Hand 2014 is expected to develop mutual understanding and respect for each other's military.

    23) Among the following Which country's church has broken a centuries-old tradition by paving the way for the appointment of female bishops on 17th Nov'14?Ans:(1)
    1. Church of England 2. Church of Italy 3. Church of Indonesia 4. Church of Britain 5. Church of Australia

    Explanation: The Church of England. The general synod, the law-making body of the Church of England, had voted to back plans for female bishops back in July and following 17th Nov'14 decision, the first female bishops will be in place by early next year.

    24) According to the report released by the Institute of International Education (IIE) on 17th Nov'14, in which country the number of international student is at a record-high? Ans:(1)
    1. United states 2. Australia 3. Canada 4. Britain 5. England

    Explanation: . The number of international students studying in the United States is at a record high with nearly one-third of them coming from China, followed by India that sent over over lakh students to the country in 2013-14.

    25) What is the Name of the child who has been selected for the first-ever bravery award given by Assam government on 17th Nov'14?Ans:(2)
    1. Rohan Sharma 2. Gunjan Sharma 3. Gurudev Sharama 4. Rohit Sharma 5. Sunil Verma

    Explanation: Gunjan Sharma (15 year old). She has been awarded for saving lives of 10 school children last year. The brave girl volunteered to be taken hostage by a gunman but later managed to escape from the forest area along the Assam- Nagaland border.