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    Weekly Bits 26-01-15
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    1) Joachim Loew was named as the FIFA Men's Coach of the Year at the 2014 Ballon d'Or ceremony. He is the coach of which team among the following? Ans : (3)
    1. Australia 2. Brazil 3. Germany 4. Argentina 5. South africa

    Explanation:. Joachim Loew . He is a Coach of Germany Football Team. is the current manager of the German national football team and a former football midfielder. In 2014, he led the German team to victory at the World Cup in Brazil.

    2) 15th January was observed in India as .............Day ?Ans: (2)
    1. Water day 2. Army day 3. Eradicate Polio day 4. Save animal day 5. Anti Pollution day

    Explanation:It was on this day in 1949 when Lt. General (later Field Marshal) KM Cariappa became the first Indian Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army post Independence.

    3) Bhakti Sharma is the India's open water swimmer to set a world record by swimming 1.4 miles in 52 minutes in one degree temperature in which Ocean?Ans:(1)

    1. Antarctic Ocean 2. Arctic Ocean 3. Indian ocean 4. Pacific Ocean 5. Mediterranean sea

    Explanation:Bhakti Sharma. She bettered the earlier record of British open water swimmer Lewis Pugh and American swimmer Lynne Cox. The 24-year old is now the first Asian girl and youngest in the world to have achieved this feat.

    4) The Year 2018 is the deadline proposed by Centre to Supreme Court for cleaning of which River on 14th Jan'15?Ans: (3)

    1. Yamuna 2. Moosi river 3. Ganga 4. Narmada 5. Tapthi

    2018.The Centre on 14th Jan'15 told the Supreme Court that it proposes to clean Ganga by 2018.

    5) Avinash Chander is the............ Chief who has been sacked by the Government 16 months before end of tenure?Ans:(4)
    1. DRDL 2. ISRO 3. IPS 4. DRDO 5. NGRI

    Explanation:Avinash Chander known as the man behind the Agni series of missiles.

    6) Harishankar Brahma has been appointed as the new ..............of India on 14th January 2015? Ans:(3)

    1. IPS Chief 2. Secretary of Prime Minister 3. Chief election commissioner 4. IFS Chief 5. Army chief of India

    Explanation::-He is the second person from the North-East to become an Election Commissioner, after J. M. Lyngdoh.

    7) Anirban lahiri is the Indian .............. Player who has been voted as 2014 "Asian Tour Players'? Ans:(3)
    1. Football 2. Volleyball 3. Golf 4. Billiards 5. Chess

    Explanation: Premier Indian golfer Anirban Lahiri on 12th Jan'15 voted the 2014 Players' Player of the Year for his successful exploits on the Asian Tour where he won two titles and finished second on the Order of Merit.

    8) Jospeh Vaz is the Indian-born missionary who became the first Saint from India after the announcement made by Pope Francis on 14th Jan' 2015 . The huge Mass was held in which city?Ans:(1)
    1. Colombo 2. Sydney 3. Rome 4. Washington 5. Paris

    Explanation: Jospeh Vaz.He was born in 1651 in India's Goa, then a Portuguese colony. He travelled south at the age of 36 to Sri Lanka.

    9) Amar Pratap Singh is the Former CBI Chief who resigned from which Commission in January'2015?Ans:(3)
    1. Sri Krishna Commission 2. Parathasarathy shome 3. UPPSC 4. APPSC 5. TPSC

    Explanation: Amar Pratap Singh. Mr. Singh resigned four years before the completion of his term.

    10) Which electronics company launched the first mobile phone powered by its Tizen Operating System in India on 14th Jan'15? Ans:(1)
    1. Samsung electronics 2. Sony electronics 3. Karbonn 4. LG Electronics 5. Micromax

    Explanation: Samsung Electronics. It is a key step in the company's strategy to break free from the Android platform, which powers Samsung's flagship Galaxy devices and most other smart phones on the market.

    11) Which Indian drug company engaged in production of generic drugs that was recently barred by the Delhi High Court from making or selling a cheaper copy of Novartis AG's respiratory drug Onbrez domestically?Ans:(2)
    1. Zuventus 2. Cipla 3. Man kind 4. Siris 5. Coral labs Ltd.

    Explanation: Cipla Ltd.Delhi High Court on 14th Jan'15 sought the response of Switzerland-based drug major Novartis AG on the plea of Indian pharma firm Cipla Ltd. against an order restraining it from making its respiratory disease drug, Indaflo, till it obtains a compulsory licence. Novartis has been selling the medicine in India as an inhalation powder and inhaler under the trademark name of "Onbrez" through its licencee Lupin Ltd, since 2010.

    12) By how many basis points, Reverse Repo Rate was cut by Reserve bank of India on 15th January'2015?Ans:(3)
    1. 50 basis points 2. 23 basis points 3. 25 basis Points 4. 78 Basis points 5. 40 Basis Points

    Explanation: 25 basis points.Reserve Bank of India (RBI) cut the reverse repo rate by 25 basis points to 7.75%. The move comes at a time when inflation is steadily coming down and cries for a rate cut were growing loud.

    13) Which country approved its largest ever defence budget in 2015 on 14th Jan'2015?Ans:(4)
    1. Srilanka 2. India 3. Indonesia 4. Japan 5. China

    Explanation: Japan.The defence budget includes plan to buy surveillance aircraft, drones and F-35 fighter jets to help counter rising assertiveness of China.

    14) With the China, which country's , trade deficit increased to 37.8 billion US dollars in 2014 despite the increase in bilateral trade by 7.9 percent?Ans:(2)
    1. Japan 2. India 3. Pakistan 4. Bangladesh 5. Srilanka

    Explanation: India-China trade increased all time high of 73.9 billion US dollars in 2011 but declined to 66.57 billion US dollars in 2012 and 65.49 billion US dollars in 2013.

    15) After six many years which Crude oil prices fall at $46.07 on 12th Jan'15?Ans:(1)
    1. US 2. Iraq 3. Iran 4. Dubai 5. South Africa

    Explanation: U.S. crude oil closed down $2.29 at $46.07, its lowest since April 2009.

    16) Which festival is the harvest festival celebrated by Tamil people at the end of the harvest season? Ans:(3)
    1. Sankranthi 2. Onam 3. Pongal 4. Baisakhi 5. None

    Explanation: Section 92 of Jammu and Kashmir Constitution. It allows the Governor to proclaim it in case of failure of Constitutional machinery in the state. It has been imposed in the state for the sixth time since 1977.

    17) Which national airlines recorded a net profit of Rs. 14.6 Crore in December 2014 driven by a healthy growth in both passenger and cargo revenue? Ans:(2)
    1. Kingfisher 2. Air india 3. Jet airways 4. Indigo 5. Spice jet

    Explanation: The airline's total revenue rose by 6.5 per cent to Rs 2070 crore during December 2014 as compared to Rs 1,944 crore in the same period of 2013.

    18) The London based financial journal awarded Dr. Raghuram Rajan, is the Governor of............ Who was awarded as the 'Governor of the Year' on 12th Jan'15?Ans:(3)
    1. Central bank 2. Forbes financial 3. RBI 4. State bank of india 5. Canara bank

    Explanation: The jury cited Dr Rajan's "disciplined and focused approach" to tackling macroeconomic instability, his "deep understanding" of the root causes of economic problems and an "impressive leadership style" as reasons for him winning the award.

    19) 9th Blind Challenged Car Rally 2015 was conducted in which city of India?Ans:(1)
    1. Bhopal 2. Mumbai 3. Hyderabad 4. Vijayawada 5. Ahmedabad

    Explanation: In the rally, the vehicle was driven by a sighted person and the navigator was a blind person, the route map in Braille was given to them on the spot.

    20) Which is the organization that has developed the Bharat Operating System Solutions (BOSS)? Ans:(3)
    1. IIT-Pune 2. IIT- khargpur 3. C-DAC 4. Microsoft 5. DRDL

    Explanation: C-DAC. Under the 'Make in India' programme, the government has asked states to deploy an open source Linux-based operating system- Bharat Operating System Solutions (BOSS).?
    Centre for Development of Advanced Computing developed the BOSS OS. It is derived from Debian for enhancing the use of Free/ Open Source Software throughout India.

    21) According to the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) concern over the skewed penetration of health insurance in India , how many states are accounting for 62% of premium.?Ans:(2)
    1. 3 2. 4 3. 5 4. 6 5. 7

    Explanation: The Four states are, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Union Territory of Delhi. These four states contributed 62% of total health insurance premium; the rest 32 States/UTs contributed only 38% of total premium.

    22) Justice S K Sinha is the first Hindu to be appointed as the Chief Justice of which country on 12th January 2015?Ans:(4)
    1. Pakistan 2. Iran 3. Iraq 4. Bangladesh 5. Saudi

    Explanation: He will succeed Chief Justice Muzammel Hossain retiring on 16th Jan'15.Justice S K Sinha is known for a number of landmark judgements including those on the killing of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the 5th and 13th amendments to the Constitution.

    23) United states gave approval to which country's two Aircraft parts manufacturer UTAS and HBL Power Systems enabling them to supply the parts to aircraft manufacturing units in its country?Ans:(2)
    1. USSR 2. India 3. China 4. Japan 5. Srilanka

    Explanation: United States gave approval to india's two Aircraft parts manufacturer UTAS and HBL Power Systems enabling them to supply the parts to aircraft manufacturing units in its country and the world under the ‘Make in India' pitch For the first time US aviation regulator the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gave its approval to two aircraft parts manufactured by Indian manufacturers.

    24) A.S. kiran Kumar has been appointed as the New Head of the .............?Ans:(3)
    1. DRDO 2. NGRI 3. ISRO 4. DRDL 5. WHO

    Explanation: A.S. Kiran Kumar. He will succeed K RadhaKrishnan retired in Dec'14.

    25) ISRO is the Organisation that has won the 2015 Space Pioneer Award in the Science and Engineering Category from which country based National Space Society?Ans:(1)
    1. US 2. USSR 3. Canada 4. Europe 5. France

    Explanation: ISRO is the primary space agency of India. ISRO is among the largest government space agencies in the world.Its primary objective is to advance space technology and use its applications for national benefit.
    Established in 1969, ISRO superseded the erstwhile Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR), thus institutionalizing space activities in India