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    Who among the following is the new chief of the Indian Hockey Federation? Ans : (3)
    1. Soumya Nath 2. K.S. Gill 3. K.D. Singh 4. H.R. Bhargava 5. None

    Explanation: The Indian Hockey Federation on 21st October unanimously elected K.D. Singh President for a four-year term till 2017. Singh, a Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha MP from Haryana, was appointed interim president in July this year after incumbent Dinesh Reddy decided to step down

    A Judge of a high court is appointed by? Ans : (4)
    1. Supreme Court Judge 2. Governor of state 3. A collegiums of Judges 4. President of India 5. None

    Explanation: President appoints Judge of High courts. This was in news because President Pranab Mukherjee has appointed the senior most judge of the Madras High Court, Justice R. Banumathi, as Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court. The Supreme Court's collegium has cleared her elevation in the middle of August and the Union government has taken three months to process and notify the appointment

    NMCE stands for? Ans : (1)
    1. National Multi-Commodity Exchange of India Limited 2. National Mutual currency Exchange of India 3. Net Multi-Commodity Exchange of India Ltd 4. Net Mutual Currency limited 5. None

    Explanation: NMCE stands for National Multi-Commodity Exchange of India Limited, this organization was in news because Retired bureaucrat Krishna Mohan Sahni, a 1969 batch IAS officer, has been appointed Chairman of the National Multi-Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (NMCE). His appointment has been approved by the Forward Markets Commission, which regulates commodity markets in the country

    India has declared itself free from which of the following diseases in November, 2013? Ans : (2)
    1. Polio 2. H5N1 Avian Influenza 3. Diarrhea 4. Anthrax 5. Small pox

    Explanation: India has declared itself free from H5N1 Avian Influenza (bird flu) as there has been no occurrence of the disease in the last three months. As is the global norm, New Delhi has notified its bird flu-free status to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE- Office International des Epizooties) headquartered in Paris. The last outbreak of bird flu in India was reported from the poultry production unit of the College of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry in Durg and from the government poultry farm in Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh on August 5 this year

    The theme country of the 38th International Kolkata Book Fair scheduled to begin on January 29th, 2014? Ans : (4)
    1. Argentina 2. Russia 3. China 4. Peru 5. Malta

    Explanation: The theme country of the 38th International Kolkata Book Fair scheduled to begin on January 29, 2014 is Peru. The Kolkata Book Fair is a winter fair in Kolkata. Starting from the 1990s, the book fair has been themed annually, typically on a country - on the lines of the Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair

    How much percent of stake is going to be acquired by Etihad in Jet airways? Ans : (3)
    1. 22% 2. 23% 3. 24% 4. 25% 5. 26%

    Explanation: Paving the way for closure of long- pending Jet-Etihad deal, fair trade regulator Competition Commission of India (CCI), on 12th November, approved the proposed acquisition of 24 per cent stake in the Naresh Goyal-led carrier by the Abu Dhabi-based airline. Etihad is acquiring this stake for Rs.2,058 crore in a deal that was announced in April

    The Government of India has decided to set up a joint task force for the development of which of the following sector? Ans : (4)
    1. MSME 2. Manufacturing sector 3. Pharma sector 4. Service sector 5. Agriculture Sector

    Explanation: The Government will set up a joint task force for the services sector together with the industry to prepare an action plan for the development of the sector and increase services exports, according to Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma.

    In the export of coffe, India stood at----- position? Ans : (5)
    1. 1st 2. 2nd 3. 3rd 4. 4th 5. 5th

    Explanation: Global coffee exports touched a record 110.2 million bags in the 2012-13 marketing year on significant rise in shipments from Brazil, Indonesia and Colombia, the International Coffee Organisation (ICO) said. Export from Brazil, the world's largest coffee exporter, increased to 30.94 million bags in 2012-13, as compared to 28.86 million bags in the same period last year. However exports from India, the world's fifth largest coffee exporter, fell to 5.16 million bags in the 2012-13, from 5.36 million bags in the previous year

    In which year, Pension Fund Development Regulatory Authority was established? Ans : (2)
    1. 2001 2. 2002 3. 2003 4. 2004 5. 2005

    Explanation: The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) is the prudential regulator for the NPS.PFRDA was established by the Government of India on 23 August 2003 to promote old age income security by establishing, developing and regulating pension funds. Recently this was in news because the Chairman of the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority, Yogesh Agarwal, has resigned. Wadhawan assumed charge as Chairman on 13th November

    According to International and Mobile Association of India, by 2014, the number of Internet users in India will be? Ans : (1)
    1. 243 million 2. 244 million 3. 245 million 4. 246 million 5. 247 million

    Explanation: By June 2014, Indians might outnumber American internet users to become the world's second-largest online community after China, said a report released by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and market research firm IMRB International. According to the report, released on 13th November, India is expected to have 213 million internet users by December and 243 million by June 2014

    Which of the following Projects has got final nod, on 13th November 2013? Ans : (4)
    1. Navi Mumbai 2. Pune 3. Nagpur 4. All the above 5. None

    Explanation: The Rs 15,000-crore Navi Mumbai airport has finally got the go-ahead. The project is likely to be awarded by March 31 next. The Navi Mumbai airport project was approved in 2007 by the Civil Aviation Ministry. The meeting approved two other airports projects in the State.The present Pune airport belongs to Indian Air Force and the civilian airport operates through a civil enclave

    Hennes & Mauritz AB, has got permission to invest in India, this company belongs to which nation? Ans : (3)
    1. Australia 2. Japan 3. Sweden 4.Switzerland 5. USA

    Explanation: After waiting for seven months, Swedish clothing retailer Hennes & Mauritz AB has finally got the Foreign Investment Promotion Board's (FIPB) approval to invest Rs 720 crore in India. Lack of clarity on mandatory sourcing norms as to what could be considered part of domestic sourcing was one of the reasons for the delay

    India allows..........% of Foreign Direct Investment in Single-brand retail? Ans : (4)
    1. 26% 2. 49% 3. 74% 4. 100% 5. None

    Explanation: India allows 100 per cent FDI in single-brand retail. Foreign investors, however, are required to source 30 per cent of their inputs domestically

    World Trade Organization Director General Roberto Azevedo belongs to which nation? Ans : (2)
    1. USA 2. Brazil 3. Argentina 4. Spain 5. None

    Explanation: Roberto Azevedo belongs to Brazil. The World Trade organization was in news recent times because India has decided to harden its stance at the World Trade Organisation to protect its food subsidies against penalties. It now insists that the 'peace clause' offered by rich countries, allowing it to protect its farm subsidies for a short period, should not come with a time limit. Instead it should extend till WTO rules are amended to permit higher subsidy levels

    Which of the following nationalized bank has saw the highest growth of Non-Performing Asset in the second quarter of this financial sector? Ans : (1)
    1. State Bank of India 2. Syndicate Bank 3. Indian Bank 4. Punjab National Bank 5. Dena Bank

    Explanation: A Non-performing asset (NPA) is defined as a credit facility in respect of which the interest and/or installment of principal has remained 'past due' for a specified period of time. Reflecting the economic slowdown, banks, especially public sector lenders, saw a substantial rise in non-performing assets (NPAs) in the financial year's second quarter. State Bank of India saw the highest growth in NPAs, at Rs 3,314 crore, followed by Rs 2,284 crore for United Bank of India. Punjab National Bank (PNB)'s NPAs rose by Rs 1,436 crore

    The One World Trade center, is the tallest building in the US, its height will be? Ans : (2) (in feets)
    1. 1775 2. 1776 3. 1777 4. 1778 5. 1779

    Explanation: The One World Trade Center, currently being built at the site of the twin towers destroyed in the 9/11 terror attacks, has been declared the tallest building in the U.S. at a symbolic height of 1,776 feet.

    By defeating which country India has won Morocco International Badminton Tournament? Ans : (1)
    1. Egypt 2. England 3. Afghanistan 4. Peru 5. None

    Explanation: P. Arjuna Reddy and Vineeth Manuel of India won the gold medal in the men's doubles event in the Morocco International badminton tournament in Casablanca. The Indian duo defeated Abdelrahman Abdelhakim and Adham Hatem Elgamal of Egypt in the final.

    How much tonnes of gold imports of India fell in July-September, 2013 according to World Gold Council? Ans : (3)
    1. 146 2. 147 3. 148 4. 149 5. 150

    Explanation: In the wake of various restrictions on gold imports, consumption fell significantly to 148 tonnes in July-September, compared to 310 tonnes in April-June, shows the latest World Gold Council (WGC) report on demand trends, issued on 14th November. The government has raised the import duty to 10 per cent and said a fifth of all imports be re-exported (via value-added items), termed the '80-20 rule'. Also, 80 per cent of imports must go to jewellers, bullion dealers and banks

    Which of the following bank has inked a pact with KfW of Germany for loan facility? Ans : (5)
    1. Canara Bank 2. Bank of Maharashtra 3. Corporate Bank 4. Axis Bank 5. IDBI

    Explanation: IDBI Bank has inked a pact with KfW of Germany for a $340-million loan facility. The Mumbai-based public sector lender will draw the money to finance infrastructure, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

    Who among the Indian bowler, to pick 100 wickets in just 18 tests? Ans : (4)
    1. Kapildev 2. Anil Kumble 3.Pragnyan Ojha 4. Ravichandran Ashwin 5. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar

    Explanation: A little over two years after he made his debut against the West Indies at the Kotla in November 2011, R. Ashwin reached a milestone, his 100 wickets have come from fewer Tests — only 18 — than any other Indian bowler. The off-spinner dismissed left-handers Darren Bravo, Narsingh Deonarine and right-hander and skipper Darren Sammy. He claimed 22 wickets in his debut series

    Who among the following has got Einstein-Galilei Institute for Theoretical Physics and Advanced Mathematics Institutes prestigious Award? Ans : (3)
    1. CR. Rao 2. B.K Vasanthi 3. Burra Gaut Siddharth 4. Sattanam Ponia 5. None

    Explanation: The director of Hyderabad based BM Birla Science Centre, Burra Gaut Siddharth has been awarded by the Einstein-Galilei Institute for Theoretical Physics and Advanced Mathematics (IIFM), Italy for his discovery that the Universe is expanding and speeding up. IFM is a private, non¬-profit making, academic research institution whose aim is to create scientific environment where theoretical physicists and mathematicians can discuss and share ideas concerning the physical and mathematical sciences.

    The UN Security Council has rejected the suspension of international criminal court crimes against humanity trials of which of the following country's leaders? Ans : (1)
    1. Kenya 2. Egypt 3. South Africa 4. Morocco 5. None

    Explanation: The UN Security Council on 16th November rejected an African demand to suspend the International Criminal Court crimes against humanity trials of Kenya's top two leaders, sparking a diplomatic storm. Some African nations reacted with fury to the rebuff, while Security Council members were angered by accusations by Kenya and its allies that they had humiliated the continent. An African resolution called on the council to use its special powers to defer the trials of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Vice President William Ruto for one year. The two are accused of fomenting political unrest after a 2007 election in which more than 1,100 people died. But the resolution got only seven votes, two below the number needed to pass in the 15-member body

    Vikramaditya, was developed with the help of which of the following nation? Ans : (4)
    1. USA 2. China 3. UK 4. Russia 5. Japan

    Explanation: After a delay of five years, the USD 2.3 billion INS Vikramaditya aircraft carrier was on 16th November inducted into the Indian Navy. The 44,500-tonne warship - India's largest naval vessel - was commissioned into the navy at Sevmash Shipyard in this northern Arctic port

    Doris Lessing who passed away on 17th November, won Nobel Prize in which year? Ans : (3)
    1. 2005 2. 2006 3. 2007 4. 2008 5. 2009

    Explanation: British Nobel Prize-winning author Doris Lessing has died on 17th November. Her best-known works include The Golden Notebook, Memoirs of a Survivor and The Summer Before the Dark. She became the oldest winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature when in 2007 she won the award for her life's work aged 88.

    Who among the following has got International Indian of the Decade award on 15th November, 2013? Ans : (1)
    1. Lord Swaraj Paul 2. Mahesh Rana 3. Vishwanathan Anand 4. Lakshmi Mittal 5. None

    Explanation: Lord Swraj Paul, a leading NRI industrialist and educationist was presented with the International Indian of the Decade award on 15 November 2013. Swraj Paul was presented the award for his outstanding achievements in the fields of industry, education and philanthropy.

    The 18th, Intertional Children Film Festival of India was inaugurated in? Ans : (5)
    1. Panaji 2. Bangalore 3. Mumbai 4. Delhi 5. Hyderabad

    Explanation: The 18th International Children Film Festival of India (ICFFI) was inaugurated on 14 November 2013 at Hyderabad. the week-long (14 to 20 Nov 2013) event popularly known as Golden Elephant. The film festival was thrown open with the screening of Hindi Animation Film "Gopi Gawaiyya Bhaga Bajaiyya"